Conference topics:

  1. Technology and Innovation
  2. Information and Knowledge Management for Modern SMEs
  3. Innovative Technology and Application supporting Modern Business Organization
  4. Software Engineering Economics
  5. Contemporary aspects and problems of global progress
  6. Accounting information systems perspectives


  1. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Protection in EU
  2. Innovative Corporative Governance Models in EU
  3. Innovation and SMEs: Infrastructural Support
  4. New Organizational Trends in Entrepreneurship
  5. Social Entrepreneurship
  6. Organizational Culture and Innovation
  7. Projects - Efficient Mechanism of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  1. Innovation in tourism
  2. Tourism and the environment
  3. Community development and smart growth
  4. Visitor attractions and events
  5. Special interest tourism
  6. Tourism impacts
  7. Tourism mobility and urban space
  8. European strategies for tourism development and economic growth
  9. Destination marketing and management
  10. Human capital and tourism education
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility
  12. Destination management


  1. Taxation and the green economy
  2. New frontiers in EU economic governance
  3. Financial institutions management
  4. Strategic management and monetary policy
  5. SMEs financing problems in globalized financial framework


  1. Marketing of innovation and customer behavior
  2. Marketing in SMEs


  1. Law (Commerce, Tourism, Economy)
  2. The challenges of competitiveness in the EU
  3. Capital mobility in the enlarged EU
  4. Intra and extra EU trade perspectives
  5. EU funds in financing regional and local development
  6. Sustainable development and competitiveness in the EU


  1. Financial reporting harmonization
  2. Sustainability reporting
  3. Integrated reporting
  4. Financial analysis and performance measurement
  5. Auditing and turbulent capital markets
  6. Nonprofit and government accounting
  7. ESA – European System of Accounts
  8. European accounting education


  1. The importance of foreign languages in promoting innovation in entrepreneurial activities
  2. The future of the English language as a lingua franca in the EU
  3. English language knowledge in new member states vs. old ones
  4. The role of foreign languages in the EU
  5. The importance of multilingualism in education and business life
  6. The variety of cultures and intercultural competences